out with the old, in with the new

Hey all

As you’re probably noticed by now, we’ve gone and put up Caleb’s winning banner. I think it looks cool and it got my vote, so I’m happy. As previously mentioned, a few more similar banners will be added for rotation but Caleb is just putting the final touches on them.

For the record, Caleb’s banner got 305 votes while 204 people wanted to stick with the old look.

Ever think about what your favourite Natalie scene/moment is? Well I do and that’s what our new editorial is about. As always, you’re encouraged to mail in your own opinion, which might be featured on the site.

And the final piece of site news is that we have a NEW POLL up.

Not much in the way of nat news but let’s see what there is.

Remember the news of Nat and Gael in Spain? Well I don’t think we ever posted the actual news article, till now. Dsd sent it in and Robotinez translated it:

?kisses and cuddles?

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (?El Crimen del Padre Amaro?) and American actress Natalie Portman, who plays Queen Amidala in Star Wars, shared last Sunday kisses and cuddles at the terrace of a Mexican restaurant at the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid. The lead actor of ?Y tu mama tambien?, who is currently shooting in Spain under the orders of Pedro Almodovar the film ?La Mala Educación?, and the actress sat down with actor Jordi Moyá, who has been working for a couple of months in the United States, and his companion. After a cheerful conversation in English, Moyá left the restaurant, leaving the couple to themselves. ?Elisa Silió Madrid.

And finally, Dana found this site that posted top 50 film beauties survey. Natalie placed a respectable 22nd, which is coincidentally my fav number.

Ciao for now.