I guess the big news is a new Cold Mountain review. It’s mildly positive about the movie but this line was enough to make me happy.

There were also great cameos from Jenna Malone, Eileen Atkins (SO good), and my favorite, Natalie Portman, showing she can act for once and not just wear stupid Star Wars costumes.

Shelley found this Nat sighting from this site. Take it with a big pinch of salt.

The other day (9/30) Natalie Portman sat three rows behind me at a performance of Omnium Gatherum (bad play). She sat in the last row of people in the balcony with her cute hipsterish boyfriend. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and the two of them were very touchy.

And just a clarification, Flipp meant that the crappy preview of the Cold Mountain trailer did not have Nat. I’m sure all the stars will get at least a frame or two in the full trailer.

Cheers for now.