New Poll + Economy Results

With Love and Impossible Pursuits set to debut at TIFF next week, I thought it’d be appropriate to get some predictions about how its going to be received.

The TIFF poll

I was a little aggravated (you may have noticed :-P) at the criticism of Natalie’s quote to Jake Gyllenhaal, but the great discussion that ensued from it made the momentary annoyance well worth it. Hope we get more comments sections like this one in the future. Maybe the Another Magazine interview will provided some fireworks 😉

Here are the results of the poll, with support and indifference leading the way, but still with a decent chunk of people who think Natalie could have definitely worded things better.

I think Natalie’s comments on the topic of the economic crisis are…

Reasonable 41.61% (62 votes)

Forgettable 23.49% (35 votes)

Unfortunate 18.79% (28 votes)

Uplifting 10.74% (16 votes)

Upsetting 4.7% (7 votes)