Go you good thing!

Hey all

Caleb forgot to do a Leon banner for the site but when I pointed this out he was only too happy to whip a couple up. And he threw in a BG wallpaper as well. The banners will only be added to rotation next week when Kris gets back from Brussels. Here’s a preview…

Leon 1
Leon 2

The Cold Mountain trailer has hit but I’ve got no comment until I can get my hands on the QT version. But if you can’t wait, check it out over here and head on over to the new poll to have your say.

Oh, and Natalie is NOT in it.

Fanart is scarce these days but here’s a nice drawing sent in by Miguel.

And finally, Porsche found this page with some spiritual crap about Natalie. Saddam Hussein is a birth mate of Natalie? Riiight.