Six walls for the weekend

By August 28, 2008Site-news

The usual suspects are back with some more great wallpapers.

Carlotto works the silhouette:


Two more from Silversurfer:



And Kitten brings the heat:





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  • neimanmarcus says:

    Hello Npo fans, here’s to love for Natalie!
    And allbusiness like let me just say I have not been annoyed at all by the new adverts. I was glad to see here supporting the site because I use Amazon to sell stuff! This is such a renegade trailblazing forum and so I hope to see more big sponsors around with cool tactics that might (just Might) get us away from Not that that would be cool or anything because we’ll always come back because Natalie is practically holy. Anyway it’s not only making money, it’s good to see variety on the net. As it is, this is only one site I visit daily and I know the net has so much more to offer and is a good place for democracy, capitalisism etc. On an American note, who thinks Natalie will campaign for Barack Obama? I watched here in NY as many people did Barack’s speech last night and personally, whoever you support(ed) I don’t know anyone who thinks he didn’t win something for all of us during his big moment, speaking last night. If you live here, if you lived through 9/11, if you care about democratic causes, you need to follow this story. He turned pressure into magic. I think Natalie could relate. Bye.

  • dazza says:

    I’m working on a solution to put an end to the full page ads. Glad some people don’t mind them.

    I think Nat might actually get behind Barack. Maybe not to the same extent as last time though.

  • neimanmarcus says:

    My dad wrote in a candidate during the 04′ election because he could not vote for Bush and could not vote for Kerry. I voted for Kerry, but did so knowing he wasn’t “presidential”. I know part of Barack Obama’s appeal is “stepping into the unknown”, but dad and I are both voting for Barack this year wholeheartedly. And that’s with a worthy opponent in John McCain.

  • JenR1215 says:

    I firm ly believe Carlotto is my soul mate.

    as for full page ads, i think people could get over them.. i mean… they only last for about 2 seconds, and u can skip the ad…