Beauty in breakdown?

Yesterday this server went down for the longest down period since we switched to Serverbeach.
The reason was a faulty harddrive. But the techies got it up and running on life support but we’re expecting it to break down any hour now. As soon as we’ve done a complete backup of the site it will go down for a harddrive replacement. Then reinstall, reconfigure everything and upload the entire site. Last time it took less than 12 hours to get the site online but three days to restore all the files and we’re kinda looking at the same thing this time. Just thought I should let you guys know that the site will go down sometime during the next days and the reason for it. And yes, if we had the money we would have a server with RAID-mirror, but we don’t!

But don’t worry, we should be up and running long before the 2 most important Nat related things coming in the next two weeks – the election and the release of the official SW Ep. 3 trailer!

And remember – backups are for gutless chickens!