Nat in CM trailer??


Just got a few odds and ends for you today.

Lindygrace, from AQMB, posted this about the Cold Mountain trailer:

I saw the trailer for “Cold Mountain” last night on E! Channel on E! News…it was kind of a different one from the trailor online. It was a little bit longer, and had more scenes in it.

There was a really quick scene with Natalie in it, I’m sure. She was screaming, “NO!!” While Jude Law was holding her, and pulling her into a cabin….she wasn’t saying NO to him, but to something or someone outside, and it looked like he was trying to save her or something. It was very quick….but I did recognize her! Oh well….there should be longer trailers in the future, and hopefully there will be more of her in them.

Anyone else see this? It seems to fit what I know of her part…hmmm…

I found this article from the NY Post called ‘Which One is the Porn Star’ and Natalie got a favourable mention.

On the flip side, gals like Jenna Jameson are tired of looking like trash, and starting to look more glamorous, like Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow or, say, Natalie Portman (yes, there are still some style icons left!)

Fancy that.

Andy sent this link in and although it’s a year old, and although I’m pretty sure we mentioned it at the time, it’s a nice reminder of how cool Natalie is. Plus I don’t recall the pic…

And finally, Brett noticed a credit to Natalie in the book he’s currently reading. “The Case For Israel” is by Alan Dershowitz who is a Harvard Law Professor and the credit was along the lines of, “In writing this book, I have been benefited greatly from the research assistance of…”

Talented girl.