run run run


As I said, there hasn’t been a ton of news but let’s see what I can dig up.

I guess the biggest news would be these new pics of Nat having lunch with some friends. Thanks to Sonoyta for the find and Melody for setting up the gallery.

According to this page, Goya’s Ghosts shooting will start on the 5th of September. I really have high hopes for this project and hopefully Forman can deliver.

Smartchop04 scanned a picture of Nat performing Cabaret at Stagedoor Manor from US Weekly. See, Closer wasn’t that much of a stretch now was it?

And now, for a change, let’s end off with some fanart.

Neil sent in a nice Padme drawing.

And Randall sent in a wallpaper highlighting one of Nat’s better public appearances.

Speaking of which, here’s the next round of the picture battle! Results from the old round can be found here!