punch to the groin

Julia Roberts. Is. In. Closer. GAH!!!

It’s now official according to Playbill and the IMDB. Thanks to Cal from AQMB.

Here’s hoping someone knocks her up soon. Failing that, I guess we can look for the silver lining…Nat would now be the best actress in the film and the movie will be seen by a much larger audiance. So at least there’s that.

The lovely Quicktime version of the Cold Mountain trailer is now out. You can stream it over here or download the large version from here. Thanks to Tufkad for the heads up.

My thoughts? Hard to tell much. I guess it’s a decent trailer…I coulda done without Renee and the monologues but whatcha gonna do.

The Jewish Bulletin has this piece of Nat gossip.

“Star Wars” actress NATALIE PORTMAN was refused entry into New York eaterie Bungalow 8 last week, despite dropping the name of the owner, AMY SACCO. Eventually an excited fan persuaded the doormen that she was famous enough to be let in.

She shoulda dropped my name, they would have let her right in. Thanks to NP.de.

Das_glasperlenspiel has sent in a translation of the shooting info from the japanese LUX site. His english is not too great but I think we get the idea…

New commercial was shot, when Natalie was filming EP3 .

For she already had been in Sydney for three weeks, she taught staff a delicious restaurant in Sydney and the situation of filming EP3. From beginning to end, she was relaxed and finished the shooting in 2 days.

During shooting, at the scene of running toward a camera, she threw a kiss at us in a relaxed atmosphere. After the scene of stopping at the front of the door, she showed pantomime. All of Staff applauded her loudly!

We ordered her dress from famous designer in Australia. Natalie particularly loved a red dress that she wore.

This time, you will both enjoy lovely Natalie in a ponytail that is really her trademark and adult beautiful Natalie with beautiful hair in this commercial.


A ton of people sent word that there is a new image attack out so click here to see Nat showing Spidey how it’s done.

We only got one anagram submission but it was pretty good.
“Plant ate a minor” – Jysaac

Deep stuff, let’s take a moment of reflection…

And now for something completely familiar. Fanart.

Forgot the damn link but it’s in there now

Chrystal sent in this image of her and Natalie, unfortunately they’re not sharing a kiss but maybe next time.

Eric sent in a wallpaper that get’s high marks for creativity.

And finally, here is another wallpaper from Tyler.

The end.