Clone’s bed was wide of the mark

As we reported yesterday, the quote about Natalie being angry at a Star Wars Celebration snub was a load of tosh. Well now Natalie’s publicist has given an official smackdown:

But the 25-year-old actress’ publicist insists the story is untrue, Portman was misquoted and she wouldn’t have been able to attend the party even if she had been invited.

The rep says, “Natalie wasn’t even in the country… The story is false and all the quotes are made up.”

Thanks to Jason, Cherryvanilla and JC.

Speaking of Natalie not being in the country, Sonya Rae has an idea of where she is.

I live in Wuhan, China and work at the Shangri-La Hotel and about shit my pants (Daz: Nice visual that) when Natalie Portman, her boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal, and family walked into my hotel and had lunch today!!! Nobody knew they was coming and no Chinese people even recognized her! They had just come off of the Yangtze River Cruise and are heading to Guilin and Yangzhou this week and to Tibet next week!!!

That is completely unconfirmed but I certainly wouldn’t bet against it being true. Sounds like she’s having a great trip.

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