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Soon after I put up the TV show poll, Carlotto suggested that because we had so many options, a second round featuring just the highest vote getters. I thought that was a good idea and so here we are.

Much to my surprise and bewilderment, How I Met Your Mother walked away with the first round. House and True Blood tied for second. Mad Men right on their heels, and Game Of Thrones a few votes further back. Those 5 shows will make up…

The TV Show poll – Round 2

If you want to see the full results of the first round, hit the jump. Be warned, seeing that Breaking Bad and Eastbound and Down only got 8 votes between them might cause cardiac arrest.

Which TV show would you most want to see Natalie appear on?

How I Met Your Mother – 14% (47 votes)

House – 10.1% (34 votes)

True Blood – 10.1% (34 votes)

Mad Men – 9.8% (33 votes)

Game Of Thrones – 8.6% (29 votes)

The Office – 6.5% (22 votes)

Doctor Who – 5.4% (18 votes)

Community – 4.8% (16 votes)

Fringe – 3.9% (13 votes)

30 Rock – 3.9% (13 votes)

Weeds – 3.9% (13 votes)

Curb Your Enthusiasm – 3.9% (13 votes)

Walking Dead – 3.6% (12 votes)

Parks And Recreations – 2.4% (8 votes)

Always Sunny In Philadelphia – 1.8% (6 votes)

Damages – 1.8% (6 votes)

Boardwalk Empire – 1.8% (6 votes)

Breaking Bad – 1.8% (6 votes)

Justified – 1.5% (5 votes)

Eastbound And Down – 0.6% (2 votes)


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  • jen.evar says:

    Still going with True Blood.

  • Carlotto says:

    One could say that I am the éminence grise of

    And same as Jen.

  • omgzrachel says:

    The first two… questioning people’s taste right now. True Blood would be fun. Mad Men would also be a good fit for her (and the fashion!). I love Game of Thrones, but I can’t see her in any of the roles. Plus, she struggles so much with accents that it detracts from her performances. :\

  • Beti-88 says:

    True Blood.

    Natalie as a vampire. There wasn’t any need for other poll options, really.

  • narkel says:

    The thing about the accents is so true, my heart is with Game of Thrones but my vote goes to True Blood then. But maybe getting a role in any HBO series might be difficult because almost all of the characters have to be naked at least once XD