New Poll + Surprise Results


So, how are you liking the new digs?

If you’re like us you feel like it’s a breath of fresh air. I desperately felt we needed a new look and, as Kris mentioned earlier, things behind the scenes were starting to fall apart so it was very much do or die. A big thanks to Kris for managing a mostly smooth change over.

I say mostly because there are some issues (problem with the comments so they have been turned off till fixed, calendar is unreadable when clicked) and several things that we haven’t implemented yet, so please bare with us as we iron things out. Update – both the comments and calendar are now working!

I’ll be asking for more detailed feedback when the comments are back but in the meantime, here is a first impressions poll to chew on.


As for the last poll, I asked you guys to guess what today’s surprise was and most of you poor buggers thought you were going to get a special message from Natalie 😀

In fact, only 15 people predicted the new website. Whoops.

The full results are after the jump.

The big Christmas surprise is…

A message from Natalie – 33.3% (65 votes)

Some special never before seen photos – 19.5% (38 votes)

There is no surprise. Nor is there any cake – 11.8% (23 votes)

An exclusive bit of Natalie news – 11.3% (22 votes)

A brand new website – 7.7% (15 votes)

Rachel and Dazza singing a duet – 7.2% (14 votes)

Our second ever podcast – 5.1% (10 votes)

Sanjiro making an update – 3.1% (6 votes)