catching up

Hey all

I’m currently working through a ton of email, mostly about the new editorial. In past From the Inbox’s I’ve been able to post pretty much all the emails in their entirety, but this time I’m having to be a little choosey and edit down some of them.

Anyway, I should have that done later but this piece of Nat news is time sensitive…

We are very pleased to announce that this Sunday, November 2, at 7:00 pm EST, 60 Minutes, highly-rated, nationally broadcast CBS News show, will include a segment on Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem that will focus on the teamwork of our amazing medical staff during the past three years of the intifada.

Please get the word out for all to see the inspirational work that we do! Please check your local listing for station information and broadcast time in your area, and be aware that if the regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon football game runs over, then 60 Minutes will begin late.

I think that was the hospital Natalie visited earlier this year and if so, then maybe she’ll come up.

Bye for now.