Bit of a quiet Nat day so I’m gonna take this oppertunity to do some site stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll post some fanart, the new comic and hopefully there will be some more news as well.

I finally got the VH1 clip and it’s gooood, Nat playing with that little skirt was adorable. And Zac wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought he’d be.

For those of you who can’t download the clip, Titooy took some caps and VOILA!

The topic of the day is the Superman rumour. I wrote up a quick editorial on the subject and I’d like you all to write me with your own thoughts. I’ve also setup a poll about it so you guys have got a lot of homework tonight!

Here are the results of the last poll, which got a loooot of interest. I’m happy with the results so no hissy fit today.

Your opinion of the look and dress Natalie was sporting at the Cinematique Award is?

I like it all, great mix of elegance and sexiness. 38.92% (490 votes)

Nipples and panties…what’s not to like? 25.58% (322 votes)

I doubt she knew it’d be that transparent. 14.54% (183 votes)

Like the dress, don’t mind sheerness but that makeup? Ugh. 8.74% (110 votes)

Slutty, she should be ashamed. 8.42% (106 votes)

Don’t like the dress but not because of how sheer it is. 3.02% (38 votes)

And finally, an update from Kris. Warning, strong language to follow…

SHIT, the has fucking been the fucking worst fucking week ever!
I’ve had a 20 year perfect stretch of not being a patient at any hospital. That’s been broken this week – TWICE! I felt a fever coming on and thought it was best to check it out before i left. they didn’t find anything, so i went and when i went to bed at the hotell it struck so fucking hard i couldn’t do anything. but wednesday morning at 3 am I thought it was so bad i wasn’t gonna make it (seriously!).
So I had to check in to a hospital – in congo! How fucked up is that…
But now I’m getting slightly better. The “I’m not gonna let what happened to JC happen to me!” thought kept me going!

5-1 he doesn’t make it. Place your bets.