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Let’s see if I remember how to do this.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who emailed me about the important stuff that Melody Nelson covered while I was away. I got tons of emails about the Conan thing and the AMC thing etc etc.

Ok, where to start? How about with the new comic. Well, it’s not so new anymore but it’s still a comic!

A bunch of new pics have been added to the new Mathilda Redux gallery and keep checking back because Melody will be adding more over the next few days.

Justin found a new Cold Mountain review that is very negative, except when it came to Natalie…

Most astonishing is Natalie Portman, the leaden heroine of the benighted Star Wars prequel trilogy. Here she is a confederate widow left to fend for herself and her baby in a tiny cabin with winter coming on and the Yankees ravaging the countryside. Mad with grief and worry, Portman?s few minutes on screen are some of the most powerful of the film, not for cheap histrionics, which she avoids, but rather for the heartbreaking quiet to which her hopeless situation has driven her.

For the complete opposite, a Cold Mountain review that is positive but hardly mentions Natalie, click here.

Several people have emailed me, in desperation, that Natalie has fallen behind Jessica Alba in the sexiest100 poll. Voting ends in a few days. Will Nat be on top? It’s up to you.

Orionsaint found a great old pic in super large format. It’s a big download but well worth the wait.

Steve sent in this interesting report:

Ok so check this out I?m a freshman at UCLA and I check the local theater and I find the following.

Words and Music of Cold Mountain

12/08/03 (Monday)

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Musical performance and readings

Royce Hall Auditorium


UCLA Performing Arts
(310) 825-2101

Additional Information:
AThe UCLA Live presents Words and Music of Cold Mountain, a film discussion.

Featuring a conversation with moderator and film director Anthony Minghella. The program will include clips from the film Cold Mountain, readings by the cast from the book and screenplay as well as musical performances by Sting, Jack White, Alison Krauss, and friends. Talent includes, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Brendan Gleeson, Natalie Portman, author Charles Frazier and more.

To order tickets, call UCLA’s Central Ticket Office at 310.825.2101; FAX to 310.206.7540 or order online. For more information about this program and others presented by UCLA Live, please visit the UCLA Live Web site.

I attended the press walk in hopes of catching a couple of photos and perhaps an autograph.

After standing in the cold for hours there was still no sight of Natalie. Then finally security declared that the press walk was over.

Umm so I don?t actually know if Natalie decided to attend or not, but appearances were made by:

Jude Law
Jack White
Brendan Gleeson
Kathy Baker
Taryn Manning
Charles Frazier

It was rumored that several of the stars chose not to walk the press line and entered from the back.

Interesting, anyone else hear about this?

Steve found this site where you can get custom Padme stuff, perfect for xmas gifts to your girlfriend. Hehe.

Edwardbc got the greatest gift this christmas (well ok, Gael is probably got him beat) and wanted to share it with us.

Maveri9243 has this little blurb…

Saturday night November 29th, VH1 showed E! on VH1. I saw a segment about the O.C. and was hoping maybe it was something about Mischa Barton or Rachel Bilson, but it wasn?t. It was about Adrien Brody as one of the ?sexiest guys? During the interview they asked him which stars he would like to hang out with?..and of course he said Natalie Portman, just another one of the lovely, and talented Natalie?s many admirers.

The third Stephen of the day sent in these two Hi Res pics of Natalie at the Nicole Kidman event. Click sheer and sheer.

Rachel found a Audrey Hepburn lookalikes page, need I say more?

And rounding off this epic, some wallpapers.

William kicks things off in an inspiring way…see what I mean?

Jen is back with 2 more cool wallpapers. Click here and here.

And finally, this nice wallpaper sent in by KyleKartan.

Whew, and just in time to watch the Season 2 finale of 24. I’ll be back to update the news ticker later.