More pics and another great Mountain write up


I guess first thing on the agenda would be the gallery for the Cold Mountain NY premiere. I’d have to echo Melody’s comments, very natural and adorable. Anyway, keep checking the gallery as new pics will be added as we get them. But Stephen sent the pick (and pic) of the day…HI RES!

The strong buzz on Natalie’s performance in Cold Mountain continues to grow as Jeff Wells had this to say in his latest column:

No offense to Nicole, but I wish Portman been cast as Ada. Her scenes are so fiercely emotional and impassioned. The scene when she asks Law to come to her bed and then holds his hand and cries, and he holds her…this is the most touching moment in the film.

It’s so good to hear that kind of praise again.

Another small note, Roger Friedman was musing about Cold Mountain (Nat wasn’t mentioned even once) and he mentioned that Clive Owen had attended the NY premiere and was about to start filming Closer.

It’s all coming together…muhahahha.

Jasmine saw Cold Mountain at the premiere and sent me a blow by blow of Natalie’s scenes. I won’t include it here because it shouldn’t be spoiled but there is one bit of (sad??) news, despite earlier reports, her breast does not make an appearance.

Suck it up fellas, life goes on.

Stephen found some other great hi res pics from the LA premiere.

Someone called Tim was able to fill in some blanks on yesterdays UCLA story.

I worked on the C.M. soundtrack at work and was invited to that aforementioned fiesta. I was also hoping to see natalie there but, alas, she was not in attendance. The bigger names at the event were Brendan Gleesen (sp?), Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Sting, Alison Krauss, Jack White and whats-his-face screenplay-writer-guy. They had vignettes from the movie followed by either a reading (done by one of the actors in attendance) of the book, screenplay or works that impacted the screenplay (e.g.- The Book Of Job… read by Jude). There were, quite obviously, short musical performances as well. I met Alison after the show but no Natalie. ’twas a mild bummer.


Jon found this little blurb on the LA premiere while my good friend, Penny, heard the following comment on Radio 1 (UK) about the NY premiere,

“Natalie rushed in at the last minute and didn’t dress up, just wore jeans and a black t-shirt and a new bob hair cut”

She dressed up at the LA premiere, damnit! She’s just mixing it up. Keeping the world on it’s toes.

And finally, if anyone cares, there is a new Image Attack. Thanks to C S.

Ciao for now.