first review of True


A short update but some good content.

Here is the first NP.comic for 2004. Thanks as always to Nate.

AICN has the first (albeit brief) review of True…

TRUE, the new movie by Tom Tykwer (Lola rennt/Run Lola Run), albeit a short film. As usual, visually very exciting, very fast (a techno beat pumping up the movie) and neatly cut, it tells the story of a French blind man who falls in love with an American actress played by Natalie Portman. I’m not going to tell you the twist ending. TRUE is part of a compilation movie but will be seen first with WAS NUETZT DIE LIEBE IN GEDANKEN this February.

Natalie is mentioned in the 26th January issue of Time (european edition) and what was said was pretty interesting…

Is That You, Natalie?
It’s tricky, the transition from child star to full-on femme. But NATALIE PORTMAN seems to be managing. Forget the 9-year-old assassin-in-training from The Professional and the teen Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace. The new Natalie, 22, is playing a full-fledged adult in the epic Cold Mountain and in the upcoming film Closer, which is about relationships and sex. She’s acting like an adult in real life too, with a brand-new Harvard degree, a deed on a house and the cover of next month’s Vogue. Then again, Natalie sports a flapper-girl bob that’s just like her girlish one, and when she donned a sheer gown for a recent event, her makeup artist had to point out that her nipples were showing. “We tried to put, like, Band-Aids on,” Portman said, but she gave up and wore the dress anyway.

Thanks to AQMB‘s Pasha.


Thanks to Samantha we now have a scan of the above article that also includes a pic that must be from the new Vogue series.

Natalie once again gets a mention at the but this time she fairs a lot better.

VERY polite to all the people who asked if she needed help. A total sweetheart.

And that’s it, I think.