if anything is going to make you lose your appetite it’s Natalie’s boyfriend talking about buying a house with her. bleh.

thanks to Beya Angel for sending in the scan from the magazine Dazed in Confused.

moving right along. Nat-AH-Lee was watching TV in england and saw natalie a few times:

Hey Natalie was on last nights Film 2004 (bbc1) in the black jumper and silver earrings it was a small interview about the golden globes and how people get drunk and recognise each other only cos they have seen them in films…this show will be repeated on sunday on BBC2 so check listings..nat was also on a program called journey to cold mountain shown last night. she was interviewed about her part and it showed lots of her scene including her and the baby with inman when he first comes into the house as well as the bed scene and her cooking for inman…lovely and cute, she siad her character was beautiful with a tale to tell.

okay. of course you know Garden State premiered at Sundance last weekend and everyone loved it. now here are a couple of reviews from some kids that were there.

The first is from Conor B.

and conor says:

Natalie is amazing in it. She is so full of energy and compassion that she eats up the screen. The love that she shows Braff’s character is so realistic that the audience could feel her affection towards him. The humor that she plays is also superb and constantly made the crowd break out in laughter.


and the second review is from my friend Toby.

and Toby says:

The soundtrack was good (Shins, Iron&Wine cover of Postal Service, etc.). Didn’t see the comparison to Woody Allen, but definitely felt that The Graduate/Harold and Maude feeling sometimes. A lot of funny stuff and some pretty heartwarming scenes too. Beautiful shots, especially the interior of the empty living room and the exterior shots of New Jersey. The catharsis of the movie is spontaneous and emotional, and includes a really cool zoomout over a quarry that’s awesome. Method Man scene is surreal and funny, and throughout the movie I got that weird feeling
you get whenever you go back to someplace familiar after being away for years.

I think this movie will be liked by many in the same way as many other classic indie movies are revered, such as Bottle Rocket.

Toby will write a full review later. and hopefully get into specifics about NATALIE who’s name is in the URL.

Celia sends in this AWESOME NEWS!!

One of the Urban Dictionary definitions of Kiera Knightley was “I bought a Natalie Portman off eBay, and all I got was this Kiera Knightley.” Thought you might like to know!


and Lastly Northernboy scanned this Mt Rainier pic from a roadshow magazine. Size and Quality. dazza calls it a Must See!

Now! some wallpapers.

Tom sent in this christmas wallpaper a month ago. but somehow it got overlooked. dazza points his finger directly at Kris. and Kris just give Dazza the finger. Sorry Tom. it won’t happen again.

Sexy Santa Natalie

same pic but BIGGER!

Asian Al made this great wallpaper of a picture from TRUE

a purple wallpaper from Eugene.

and Loleia does some nice work on this new vogue pic.

THAT’S IT! thank you for reading and good night. hooray for Natalie and Garden State!