Comic Nat is back

It’s been awhile since the last np.comic (I think thats our motto) but I’ve got a new one for you today. Hope you like it. Oh, and forgive the spelling error. We’ll fix that tomorrow.

A Cannes inspired #43

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A massive thanks to Marco, Christopher, Matt, Kariba, David, Olaf, Panu, Daniel, Bryan and Steven. All of whom contributed after chapter one of Mathilda.

A couple more things before we get to the Natalie news.

1) Awhile back I mentioned that we’re redesigning the site layout and that we wanted suggestions for a new logo font. Well, there was an overwhelming response to that. “Overwhelming” means “almost f-all” right?

So here is the one font that was sent in by Misha. If you think you can do better, send me a mail.

2) During Cannes there was a hilarious video of Natalie “dancing” at the amfAR event. Unfortunately it was taken off the Canal Plus site before we could grab it. Does anyone have a copy saved or know where to find it? It’d be a shame for future Natalie fans to miss out on one of Natalie’s funniest moments.

Right then, onto the news.

Fanatical found some new pictures of Natalie leaving the Synecdoche, New York premiere on May 23rd. The pictures aren’t the best but its the first look at this outfit. If you are able to get hold of bigger versions, let me know.


Fanatical also found a video of Natalie at the Che premiere. She should appear at the 1:24 mark.

Shoe89 also has a video, this time of Natalie and Devendra going for a walk a few days ago.

Next up is an interview with Irfan Khan, who has some nice things to say about Natalie. Thanks to V4V.

On the other hand, Irrfan was deeply challenged by Mira’s Kosher Vegetarian where he is paired with Natalie Portman.

“We shot at one stretch. It’s about two strangers meeting in unusual circumstances. Natalie Portman is about to get married. I play this Gujarati diamond merchant whose wife has become a sanyasini.

“His dilemma is that she used to be his wife and now he has to worship her. Given the circumstances, their encounter is quite something. Natalie looks very young. But she has been acting as a child. A truly wonderful actress. I enjoyed working with her.”

So how different was it working with a Caucasian actress for the first time?

“The colour of the skin makes no difference. Whether it was Tabu or Natalie, actors all over the world are linked by a common craving. We’re all looking for challenges and glory.

That’s it for today.