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Hey everyone

Not much Nat news today but there is a bunch of really good fanart.

Also wanted to mention, before I forget, I really hope that the german visitors are planning to watch and report back to us about True. Remember that it opens in Germany on the 12th of Feb. It’s short but trust me, Nat fans are going to love it.

Here are the results of our last poll…

Since it’s oscar season…do you think Natalie will one day be nominated and win an oscar?

Yes, but when she’s older. 53.66% (491 votes)

Yes, next year. 22.95% (210 votes)

Nominated? Yes. A winner? No. 13.88% (127 votes)

I don’t give a rats ass. 5.57% (51 votes)

Hell no. 3.17% (29 votes)

I was quite surprised to see how positive those results were. Good stuff.

And here is the new poll, which sorta leads on from the Editorial.

It’s FHM’s 100 sexiest time again so head on over here and vote for me. And Natalie.

As I said earlier, we’ve got a ton of fanart today so let’s get to it.

Chelo kicks things off with this exceptional drawing.

Another drawing next, this is of Natalie in EP3 and was sent in by Pawe.

Sean sent in this collage wallpaper of his fav Nat pics. Usually collages suck but this is actually pretty stylin’.

This fanart is great. Thanks to lasrevinU.

We’ve been getting some gorgeous drawings recently and this one from Nerv Nervi is right up there with the best of them.

And finally, Riley sent in a bunch of fanart.