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When I saw this cover first thing in the morning I wondered if I was still asleep and dreaming about Hotel Chevalier. But this is the real deal and I personally love it. Thanks to Jenski and Gillian.

I’ve decided to make that the subject of the…

New poll!!!

Here are the results of the previous poll:

What is the saddest Natalie film moment? (Warning, potential spoilers if you’re a bad Nat fan)

I love you, Mathilda – The Professional 24.32% (171 votes)

The funeral – Revenge of the Sith 21.19% (149 votes)

But right now I gotta go – Garden State 11.52% (81 votes)

You did this to me? – V for Vendetta 9.67% (68 votes)

Lonliness hits home – Cold Mountain 8.82% (62 votes)

The breakup kiss – Closer 7.54% (53 votes)

Suicide attempt – Heat. 4.98% (35 votes)

Unfair torture – Goya’s Ghosts 4.27% (30 votes)

Romeo and Juliet the dyslexic version – Beautiful Girls. 3.41% (24 votes)

Airport goodbye – Anywhere But Here 2.84% (20 votes)

Omgzrachel was kind enough to send in a TON of captures from Mr Magorium. Click the image to check out the gallery.

Natalie was spotted at an LA club by a blogger. The brief blurb went a little something like…

Natalie Portman was hanging out with Leo’s posse. She’s blonde now.

Thanks to Fanatical.

And finally, Natalie is up 7 places in the Askmen Top 99 Women poll. This year she’s at #15.

That’s it for now.