Ok, here are the last of the outstanding items. I may have missed a few things but hopefully nothing important.

I’m pretty tired so this will be curt.

Orionsaint sent in a very clear version of one of the new Vogue pics.

Those pics were pretty different from the norm so I’m interested in what you all think of them. So check out the new poll over here.

The results of Sanji’s poll are…

Natalie should…

be in that muppet movie because muppets are cool. 36.08% (293 votes)

eat meat. 32.76% (266 votes)

wear mittens more often 29.43% (239 votes)

Heh, pretty even contest.

Strwrspunk sent in this scan from J14. The pics are supremely cute but I’m pretty sure that pic wasn’t taken today.

Sean sent in an interesting comparison. I’ll let him explain it.

I took the most recent Natalie photo from Vogue and placed next to an image of Natalie as Mathilda. I then changed hair length and color, added makeup, and messed with the lighting to get the 2 images as similar as possible. Kind of an interesting comparison. The original images are on the bottom, the altered are at top.

And finally, as always, the fanart.

Kasimir sent in a wallpaper of one of the new Vogue pics, perfect for your desktop.

While Robin did a similar thing but for people with 1600×1200 desktops.

Sascha made this pretty cool Terminator poster.

Sean sent in a wallpaper and a bumper sticker that he put on his car. I dunno if a target is something I’d want on my car but whatever floats your boat.

Tamara sent this wallpaper into the Spanish site.

And wrapping things up with this wallpaper from Blindman.

Off to bed. Care to join me?