Part 2, I guess

Hey all

Here is the next step towards completing my update.

Amy found this link where the Oscar nominations are looked at and who should have been included. Natalie is mentioned under supporting actress as “deserving but never had a chance”. Speaking of Cold Mountain, it’s finally opened here so I’ll likely give it a look on tuesday.

Continuing on the subject, Mart has made some video’s from UK TV.

The first is an interview from Film 2004 that is 4.3MB. Click the pic to download.

And the second clip is 4MB and is from The Journey to Cold Mountain. Click here to download.

From Cold Mountain to Closer…

Amidoll found this site, which has bigger versions of the Closer pics.

Speaking of which, on the IMDB message board for the film is this little report from the set. Thanks to Amidoll and Juan.

Natalies “Alice “is coming on nicely I think,although the bulk of her part has yet to be shot,so we shall see.On set she is magnetic and has a very easy persona which makes the atmosphere very enjoyable, but then all four actors are enjoying each others company and the chemistry between them all on set is great.A good omen for a good finished product I hope.PS my previous experience with Natalie was on Phantom Menace.

There’s also some talk on how Natalie’s hair has been cut even shorter, as was evident in the new Closer pics. Before long she’ll be sporting a Sinead O’Connor look.

That’s it for now but check back later for more.