Hey all

Been busy this evening working on some stuff for the anniversary so this will be brief. Actually that’s mostly a lie. It’ll be brief cos I’ve got f-all to update about.

So here it is, thanks to Soong for the heads up and the IMDB.

Star Wars beauty Natalie Portman and Mexican hunk Gael Garcia Bernal enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s Day meal together – and didn’t care who spotted them getting intimate. Portman, 22, and the 25-year-old Y Tu Mama Tambien star made no secret of their mutual affection as they sat holding hands and frequently shared passionate kisses during their date at east London’s trendy Real Greek restaurant. Prompt Portman waited patiently at the bar for Bernal to arrive for a double date, which they spent with another equally loved-up couple. An onlooker says, “Natalie and Gael were very intimate – touching each other and kissing in full view of everyone. They’re definitely an item. Natalie arrived first and was at the bar by herself for a while waiting for the others to turn up – they had a double date with another couple. They all ended up having a few bottles or red wine and stayed late.” Portman and Bernal met at an Academy Awards after party in March last year and they have since been spotted together, but have refused to comment on any possible relationship.

In case you didn’t read between the lines, Sanji and I were the other couple.

I’m afraid that’s it for today.

Oh, and Sanji is trying to convince me to extend the anniversary celebrations over several days so we might do that. But you bastards need to send in stuff! You’re spoilt, the lot of you!


Stay tuned.