take 2

Hi again

I’ve got some more updates that cannot wait till tomorrow. Let’s jump right in with some great gallery updates.

The Elle Magazine gallery now has 3 big scans from inside the mag. The black and white ones didn’t come out perfectly but its a start. Thanks to Cherryvanilla and cestmagique.

We also have several new additions to today’s New York, I Love You gallery. Thanks to Lil Demon.

From that same set, Splash News has a video of Natalie filming a scene. If you like seeing Natalie sit down you’re going to be over the moon with this. Don’t pay any attention to the “reporting” on their page though. They’re taking 2 and 2 and coming up with 9. Thanks to Fanatical.

And finally, have you ever looked at Raffaello’s Madonna painting and wondered “What if Madonna looked like Natalie?” Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Marina, Amo and Jibson.

I’ll be back with more soon.