Happy Valentines Day!

I hope most of you are having great days with your loved ones. Because its been so long since I was in a relationship of note, I feel that I should be very anti-Valentines but I’m surprisingly not. Anything that promotes love is more than alright by me.

As the banner above states, it is also our 7th anniversary. I’ve always flip and flopped between anniversary and birthday but the former is probably the most accurate. The site’s birth had nothing to do with me. It was all because of a guy called Audio who had the good taste and foresight to register the domain www.natalieportman.com. (BTW – if you have some cash to burn, www.abbiecornish.com would be a good domain to purchase. She’s going to be a star.)

It was a little over 2 years from the time the site launched that Sanjiro and myself took over the reigns. A lot of people helped us then and a lot have helped us since but I think its incredible that Sanjiro is still helping with the site (OK, not very much but a work ethic has never been his strong point). Not to mention Kris, Melody and Mart who have been doing their thing on the site for almost as long as myself. That seems quite rare.

I also gotta give some props to Omar (who quietly keep the tv section ticking) and Matt (who has drawn 34 strips for the site).

In the coming weeks I will also be adding Brishen (the banner artist) and Steven (my Mathilda artist) to the staff page.

And of course, the site would be nothing without you guys who contribute. Hell, I’d have to find the news myself and that sounds like way too much work.

If I’m forgetting anyone, they have a right to feel very pissed off.

Anyway, enough blah blah, let’s get on with the update.

Let’s begin with another new comic. This wraps up the Santa arc…for now.


By now you know the donation drill. Unfortunately there were no donations since the last strip so nobody to thank this time.

Ok, there are a couple regular update items as well. Kex made a great find, confirmation from Variety that Natalie is in Berlin. In this instance, attending a Q&A with Gael Garcia Bernal.

Speaking of which, Contact Music also have a little report about the couple.

NATALIE PORTMAN and GAEL GARCIA BERNAL have sparked reports they have rekindled their romance after they were photographed leaving a German nightclub together. The STAR WARS beauty and the Mexican actor, who is a member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival, parted ways in 2004 after dating for a year. Earlier this week the pair were snapped leaving the China Club in Berlin, where they had been partying with a number of other celebrities. According to local media reports, Portman and Bernal climbed into a limousine and drove to the Ritz Carlton hotel together.

They were snapped? Thanks to M5lover.

Amd now for the fanart.

Both Sak and Jutze got creative (also nice to see). Jutze sent in this yoghurt cup greeting while Sak had fun with a printer and a ballpoint pen.

Isaac sent in a couple beautiful wallpapers. One for the anniversary and one for valentines.

And finally, David sent in some well wishes from a pirate. Evey looks as conused as I am.

Anyway, that’s it for another year. Sorry that Sanjiro couldn’t update like I had planned. That would have been too good to be True.

Check back tomorrow for a new poll and the results from the Simpsons poll.