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PORTMANIA DAY  2 starts now!!!

portmania16_wallpaperththe wallpaper in question made by the always reliable and forever lovley Ana.  who has confirmed her femaleness!!

PORTMANIA UPDATE! The above wallpaper was actually made by the just as reliable and equally lovely Rachel! its a POTMANIA MISTAKE! we are all apologies.


come with us now as we start the day off RIGHT!  PORTMANIA HO!!!  and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love yoooooou.

there really isn’t much more to read is there?!

but stlll…. let’s make a PORTMANIA PACT! to lose 15 pounds this week.  that way we can all fit in our PORTMANIA outfits we bought during PORTMANIA 8!!

this should be easy, i’d say. all we have to do is jumping jacks, right? and lucky enough, Jumping Jacks are the national sport of PORTMANIA!!

while you’re all  doing jumping jacks I’LL bring up a PORTMANIA FACT!

NATALIE PORTMAN FACT!  (WARNING! Natalie Portman FACTS! have little to do with reality) Natalie starts with an N, which is the 14th letter of the alphabet! In lower case it looks like this: n. When reading a dictionary you’ll some times see “n.” which stands for Noun. and that’s what the word Natalie IS!

Natalie’s parents named her with a N name so that she, alphabetically speaking, would have a good seat in the middle of the room of class if one of her teaches ever decided to seat the children alphabetically from their first name.  a long shot to be sure, but one they felt was worth the risk.  it panned out once in the fifth grade when she got a pretty good seat.

well.. this post needs a few more pictures.

i remember this picture here being one of the first pics i saw of Natalie Portman in an article announcing she’d been cast in Star Wars.  AND THEN I FELL IN LOVE!!! potw07

i have this one on my PHONE!!!

okay.  let’s wrap this up for the day. no one had any suggestions for what movie to watch so i guess we won’t watch one.  it’s a tragedy!!!

tomorrow will be MORE OF THE SAME. …. or less of the different? one of those! AND ALSO …. the results of our jumping jacks!! until then STAY STEATED!!