polls aplenty


The nat pic poll has closed and the next 8 matchups are now up. Once again, head over here to vote and check the playoff tree to see which pics made it through.

We’ve added 4 more emails to the Smoking Editorial, which is definitely the most talked about Nat news in a loooong time.

Which leads nicely into the smoking poll results:

Nat smoking is…

Disgusting. 28.85% (309 votes)

Not cool but not a big deal either. 24.18% (259 votes)

Fantastic. 20.26% (217 votes)

None of my business. 14.94% (160 votes)

Hypocritical. 11.02% (118 votes)

Wow, that’s probably one of the closest polls we’ve ever had.

And now, the new, Melody inspired poll.

Cal has a nice breakdown of the Nat-Gael situation. Take it away, Cal.

The rumor about Gael and the Brazilian MTV dj comes
from the last week of April, when Gael premiered
“Motorcycle Diaries” in Brazil. He made a comment on
TV interview that he was “currently single” and
without a girlfriend (as he has done in the spanish
edition of People, even when we know he and Natalie
were together). The gossip papers are trying to link
Gael and Fernanda during his recent time in Brazil.
Apparently a year or more earlier he had made some
kind of sexy comment about wanting to conquest
Fernanda Lima.

But even in that story you posted today (someone
posted it at AQMB last week) it mentions that Gael
realized he could “get to know” Fernanda seeing that
his girlfriend (mentions Natalie) is so far away.
Then they say something like “who can you blame him?”

And in another recent Brazilian interview, Gael says
he invented the earlier story about conquesting
Fernanda, because he often invents things about his
personal life. He says “I could be getting laid and
you (the gossip papers) would not even know about it.”

Apparently the interview with Gaels papa is a little
more recent than the other two rumors (Fernando Lima
story and Gael saying he is single). The folks on the
Gael mb seem to think they are still together as
before, but trying to keep it private.

So we are back where we started; not really know the
status of the relationship.

And finally, the cellphone wallpaper from Barry.