petition me and you, it’s true

Hey all

Samantha sent me a link to a petition that I wasn’t going to put up on the site but after thinking about it a bit, and getting several more emails about it, I’ve changed my mind.

The petition is to have Natalie’s real name removed from IMDB and if you want to sign it, head on over here.

The reason I considered not putting it up is two-fold.

1) Putting it up would only announce to everyone where they can find her name…which sorta defeats the point.

but more importantly

2) My policy has changed. When she was in school (High school and to a lesser extent university) I felt there was a strong reason to keep her name and her school’s name off the site. To protect her. But she was still a kid and not nearly as used to stardom as she is now. I think it was right that we had that policy but lets face it, things are different now.

Sure, we can sign that petition and sure maybe they’ll even remove her name but so what? Anyone who might be a threat to Natalie’s security…well if they can’t even find her real name, which is now even being mentioned in magazine articles, then I hardly think they’ll be able to track down Natalie and manage to outsmart her security.

Think about it.

So vote if you want but do so because you respect Natalie wanting to be known as Portman, not because you think she’s in danger and needs saving.

Right, I’m glad I was able to get that off my chest. It’s something I should have done a long time ago because we’ve gotten lots of emails about it and I’ve always explained my stance in replies but never thought to post them.

We will not be putting her name on the site (to respect her wishes, no matter how old they are) but we won’t bend over backwards to censor articles and scans that may include it.

If you have any questions or comments, fire away.

Wow, that was almost editorial-esque. Speaking of which, we’re still working on a few things for the anniversary and I’ve decided to go with Sanji’s idea of a week long celebration of…err…us. So from mon-fri will be THE FUN ZONE.

As for news, still not much out there but here’s a scan from Nat-AH-lee about how to get Natalie’s fab eyebrows…not her actual eyebrows, cos she needs them, but similar ones.

And lastly, you might have noticed that we passed 23 million hits yesterday. My cup runneth over.

I better go clean that up.

Have a bitching weekend.