battle of the nat pics 2?


I’ve been laying low since last week because a) there’s very little happening in Natworld and b) I just felt like I needed a little break and c) I’m still nursing a major hangover from the anniversary week after party…thankfully the pictures taken of me licking cream off Colin Farrels thigh haven’t surfaced online…yet.

So I was thinking, to spice things up how about we organize another battle/poll for the best Natalie pic. We did something like this awhile back, eventually pitting Nat pics against each other in fights to the death. It was pretty cool until the cheaters spoiled everything but I think the new poll script will help in that regard.

So, send me your thoughts if you think it’s something we should look into. And maybe some ideas as well. The top 64 pics showdown? Or how about the best SERIES of photos? I’ll give it some thought. You give it some thought. And we’ll work it out, ok?

I’ve got some fanart but I’ll hold off until I’ve got some news to go along with it.