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By December 8, 2015Site-news

Time for a new poll and on a suggestion from the community I’ve gone with a photo battle between the two new InStyle photos. To refresh your memory…

Up Close
Medium Distance

Two gorgeous photos but which one is your favourite?

There have been two trailers since our last poll but the feedback is in on the first trailer and it’s fairly positive. I think the trailers since then have done a better job of it so the results might be even more positive now. The results are below.



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  • jb says:

    Sorry but you can’t expect me to watch a film about the old west when the producer and lead star are ANTI-GUN ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!!!!!!!!!! We, Americans won’t be bull shitted by you people any more. You don’t like guns STOP BEING HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!

    • Dazza says:

      Brilliant argument. And since everyone is against murder there should be no films with murder in there either!

      The problem with guns is that they end lives. Guns in films don’t end lives.

  • Tate says:


    Sorry to say, but this is your “Waterworld” (ask Kevin Costner about that). Please stick to movies where you have a doppelganger to handle your dancing/acting duties.

    • Dazza says:

      Waterworld had a $175 million budget in 1995. JGAG is a little indie film. Brilliant comparison.

      I’m sure Natalie had a stunt woman for Jane as well, as is common industry practice.