fear not guys and girls, I’m still single


Well I’m sure we’re all still reeling from todays breaking news but maybe this update will help take away some of the sting.

First up to bat, the From the Inbox has been added to the Garden State editorial and like the trailer, it rocks.

Dearest Cal from the AQMB found this new old picture of Natalie from some Harvard party. Is that a sexy pose or what? I bet the photographer wasn’t able to move from that spot for at least an hour afterwards.

Streakfury informs me that Natalie made it to 74 in FHM 100 sexiest poll. Can anyone confirm that? I assume he means the US version. An interesting sidenote, Keira apparently came in at 80-something. Bwahahahaha.

Cosmogirl says “use this brush and you’ll look like Natalie! Guaranteed!” Ok, they didn’t say that but it’s what things like this imply isn’t it? Thanks to Celia.


Sean has a new poster made and this time Closer gets the treatment.

Jen R sent in this nice wallpaper.

And finally, Dehrian sent in this lovely wallpaper for people who use their icons on the left. Like me!

That’s it for today. Keep sending in your 10 favourite magazine pic URLS. I don’t want anyone bitching about why their pic didn’t make it to the battle.