Nat to make music video debut?


Just got a short update for tonight but have one potential big piece of news. According to the Macca Report (seriously the worst looking site on the net) Natalie will be in the music video for Paul McCartney’s new single.

Reportedly the first single from McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” will be the first song on the album called “Dancing Tonight.”

There is a video to accompany the song which includes a Paul “lookalike.” The video was directed by Michel Gondry and stars Mackenzie Crook, Natalie Portman and Macca impersonator Neil Tudor.

Gondry is a God. Crook was brilliant in the office. I’m not a big fan of Mac’s solo stuff but I’m excited about Gondry and Natalie. I’ll see if I can get some confirmation. Thanks to mattl.

There has been another blog mention of Natalie. I won’t link to it so the poor guy doesn’t get swamped but here is the full text:

The other day I went by work to drop off some paperwork I needed to get done (I actually didn’t have to work that day). Since I was taking care of our son, I thought I would swing by my wife’s office to say hi (she and I work in the same place of business, but different departments). Anyway, who happened to be there working with the kids? Natalie Portman. She was helping kids paint these huge flower-decal things that are going to get put on cabs in NYC to promote something-or-other.
Anyway, Natalie Portman is one of those celebrities who looks exactly like she does in person as she does on film. I was surprised how tiny she is, but other than that all I have to say is that she’s a beautiful woman.

Thanks to Marina.

One last article for today. Natalie talks about her nude scene in Goya’s Ghosts and while I’m not sure if that is a new quote, everything else is old and quite poorly cobbled together. Thanks to Marina and Cherrycake.

And finally, Daniel sent in this great piece of vector art.

Just a reminder that I’ve had no suggestions for wallpaper battle themes. So don’t blame me if the theme ends up being “Dazza in his underwear”.