Just a couple things tonight.

I finally got around to seeing Free Zone. I talked about it a bit over here. 🙁

We’ve got a new poll up.

And here are the results of the last poll.

What did you think of Nat’s retro look?

Fantastic 36.45% (409 votes)

Fantastic…apart from the boots 25.49% (286 votes)

Austin Powers would be all over her 23.62% (265 votes)

A real eye sore 13.28% (149 votes)

Amy sent over some more info on Smashing, the film Nat is rumoured to be producing.

I have read on several sites about Smashing, the movie Natalie is producing. Smashing is being produced by Jason Blum as well as Natalie. Jason Blum is a producer with several credits, including, coincidentally, a documentary on Stagedoor Manor theatre camp. That’s probably how he and Natalie know each other.

You can read about the plot of Smashing here.

Natalie has been named (this is a bit strange) Female Star of the year by ShoWest. It sounds like she’ll be attending the convention on March 13-16. Read more here. Thanks to Jonah and Manu.

And finally, Fan11 seems quite sure that Natalie will appear on Charlie Rose in March. You heard it here first…