Happy easter

Hey all

I was gonna update with some pics and fanart tonight but some other things have come up so that’ll come later this weekend.

Also, apparently I did the battle of the sexes poll a few weeks ago…which is strange because I have no memory of it…but I have had mental note to do the poll for months now so maybe I did it and forgot to take the note off my brain’s fridge.

But I blame Kris.

So the sesame street thing has definnitely happened. I got a ton of emails from people confirming the appearance. Since Kathleen started the description yesterday I’ll let her finish it…

The e-mail I sent you earlier was in the middle of Natalie?s appearance. She actually sang again, this time a song about the positive things about changes to Big Bird. LOL. When Nat was hired as a waitress, the normal guy at the restaurant went on vacation, and Big Bird was sad because he didn?t want things to change. Then Nat sang a song and Big Bird felt better. LOL. I know it sounds absurd, but it?s true! I don?t know if it?s me, but Nat?s voice sounded deeper, like a smoker?s voice. Not like Scarlett Johansson deep, but deeper than what I?m used to hearing from Nat.

Gregg checked tvguide.com and apparently there will be a repeat tomorrow.
6:00 AM
Channel 10 WCBB
Saturday, 10

Hopefully someone can encode it for us.

Titooy sends word that there is a brand new Nat Lux commercial. Just head here and click on the quicktime link at the top right. How many ads do they need anyway?

The Trailer Park reviews the weeks new trailers and Garden State received a lot of praise this week, although he strangely criticizes Natalie in the Professional…well sorta…hell, just click here and read for yourself. Thanks to Heffaloo.

While in Dave Poland’s new column, a reader sends in his Garden State thoughts.

That’s all folks.