Well… Mart and I have put in a ton of work on the nat pic battle but I think we’re screwed until Kris gets back. I thought changes had been made to the poll to allow me to do a picture vs picture format but it doesn’t appear so.

I’m really sorry but what can I say. We’ve tried our best. The matchups are ready, the playoff tree is done (but could do with more work) but without the poll working properly there’s nothing we can do.

But, thankfully, Kris gets back on thursday and I’d be willing to bet Mart’s life savings that we’ll have it up and running by monday at the latest.

Ah man, I can’t leave you with nothing so here’s a peek at the matchups. The tree is a little messy at the moment but we were planning to fix it up and replace it as the poll was ongoing. Maybe now we can have it ready in time for the start.

Also gotta thank James and Cooper for some assistance.

Alright, that’s it for now. I’m gonna go drown my sorrows in porn.

Check back tomorrow for a normal update of the natkind.