Blame the guy who can’t speak english

So I’m down here in Italy dealing with airlines who’re either striking or going bankrupt, and I’m still to blame for not working. That’s sweet 🙂

What Dazza forgot to mention is that last week posted the sixth “Making of Episode III” documentary. It’s about how wonderful the digital revolution is to filmmakers. Anyone expect George to say anything different? Since Natalie is only in the background and not really interviewed we’re not gonna risk a lawsuit posting it, but here are a few pics that should be enough. For a lawsuit that is… and guess what, we got another “remove it!” letter. Polite as always…
[removed by orders of Lucasfilms lawteam]

Also on the official site there’s a forum with an intersting but futile discussion – Do Hayden and Natalie suit the part of Anakin and Padmé?. Nope.

And remember – always make fun a billionaire that is well known for filing lawsuits – we do it all the time!