smoking fall out

As the fallout from the smoking pics continues, like sharks to bloody water, we pounce!

Over here is a new editorial. I’m sure a number of you have something to say about it so let’s have it.

And to go with that, of course, a poll.

And finally, here are the results of the last poll.

The new Gala event pics are…

Beyond perfection. 46.41% (355 votes)

Boobilicious 25.49% (195 votes)

Great, but what’s up with those earrings? 13.59% (104 votes)

Not bad but too much makeup as usual. 10.72% (82 votes)

Beyond awful. 3.01% (23 votes)

Well voted, even if the event has now been tainted for some.

There is a little muck up with the picture poll script, it is accepting votes from people who didn’t vote for all the matchups. We could remove those votes but it might look fishy so we’re gonna let it stand. Just excuse if some of the numbers don’t add up. Kris says it’ll work properly next time.

Kris also whipped up a nice new playoff tree. The links don’t work yet but will be done when Kris has some time.

Have a wonderful smoke free weekend.