After mondays frantic updates it’s been pretty quiet since.

Tomorrow we’ll add a couple more emails to the smoking editorial, change the normal poll and set up the next 8 matchups for the pic battle poll.

Today? Well Sean found a link to the official site for Fandom. It’s the documentary about a Nat fan and his obsession. There’s a trailer on the site and 2 things seem weird.

In the trailer and on the site they do not mention Natalie. Perhaps she has the rights to her image and name? Is it mentioned in the movie? I would think it’d have to be.

The other is that…I dunno man…they throw the “true story” thing as us but that nat fan looks like he’s acting to me. I might be totally wrong but I’m calling “foul” on this one.

If Nat had any doubts about her fans, this will cement them. Sigh.


Moving along…Sara says that Gael attended a film premiere in Brazil and invited Fernanda Lima, an MTV VJ, to dinner. There have been a few rumblings that Nat and Gael have split recently…but it’s so hard to figure anything out with those two. Maybe THAT’S why she was smoking? Bah, speculating hurts my head.

Over on the right you’ll see a reminder that Sesame Street will be repeated on friday. Please can someone record, encode and send it in?

Might as well throw a wallpaper into the mix. Thanks to Devon James.

That’s all for now. I’m not really in the mood for a long update, but I’ll pony up tomorrow. Promise.