It’s Darjeeling Week

Hi again

Yup, the Darjeeling train keeps rolling with the first review of an early cut of the film. It’s very light on spoilers so should be safe for all eyes. But those who only want to hear about Natalie…

The film itself really starts out fantastic – all of Anderson’s signature quirks are recognizeable from the start. The movie is split into two parts; The first is a short with Jason Schwartzman sitting in a hotel room, feeling sorry for himself, and ordering a grilled cheese. Natalie Portman shows up, hot as ever, and the two speak in very stilted dialoge. It is really a very weird short that does connect to the main storyline, but without much consequence – there is no big revelation.

That scene wasn’t in the script but it seems as though Bill Murray is actually not playing their dad.

The next item is a report from an extra on The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s very long but well worth reading to get to the great stuff on Natalie near the end. Be warned that there are spoilers for those of you who don’t know about that period in history. Here is a brief excerpt.

It was very impressive to see her work under such circumstances. She never complained. She poured herself out during each take. She left it all on the field, so to speak. I guess that’s what she’s paid for? But still.

And so finally the announcement came that they had got what they’d been looking for and we were finished. Immediate applause and enthusiastic cheering. The exultation was palpable. It was to be read on the faces of the extras?and on the shining face of Ms. Portman. We all applauded heartily. She applauded us. And she smiled deeply? It was heaven.

Thanks to Amidoll.

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