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For those who want it.

Well now it’s Day 2 of PORTMANIA 17,

yesterday we talked about …. I don’t remember what we talked about.  but nothing will prepare you for what SURPRISES await you on this FABULOUS PORTMANIA DAY! you only have to click MORE to find out!!!!!  PLEEEAAASSSEE????


Yesterday we had pics of kittens. but has Natalie ever been SEEN with a kitten?! TODAY we probe deeply into the past to find out…..

There’s pictures of her walking dogs.



1296063725_natalie-portman-290and appearing on talk shows with dogs



But never any cats.  WHY?! BECAUSE SHE HATES THEM?!

now. up there is a picture of Natalie Portman pretending to be a CAT. but this was the only evidence I could find that she even acknowledges the existence of cats!!



which comes from the Funny or Die sketch Natalie and Rashida Speak Out

Natalie Portman does NOT hate cats! now we can sleep tonight. safe and warm.

also I found a song called “Natalie Portman’s Tapeworm” by a band called Your Cat is a Landmine.

 so there you have it. 


Natalie has been in over THIRTY films now.  I’m going to say 32.  and of those 32 films I’ve seen 27 of them.  and so now this PORTMANIA week I’ll be going through the five films I haven’t seen!

First up:


Free Zone came out in 2005. it was actually released in Israel on Natalie’s Birthday! which would have been PORTMANIA 7!  that was 10 PORTMANIAs ago!

It’s about natalie crying in Israel and then getting a ride around town!

I actually did see Free Zone on Netflix but I needed five movies for the week to do. and I don’t think I actually ever finished watching this one.  I get the impression that most people don’t like it.  it needed MORE ACTION!

Natalie crying in a taxi in ISRAEL when all of a sudden the old woman says “I’M A SPY!” “‘My goodness!!” says Natalie through her tears.  they take off down the street! the old woman honking the horn all the way!! ten minutes of speeding cars! and then they realize no one is chasing them. and that they aren’t chasing anyone.  so she slows the car down and only honks the horn occasionally.  NOW THAT’S A MOVIE.

we’re going to end this PORTMANIA update now!  TOMORROW we’ll take a look at another movie I haven’t seen and explore the reasons why!  and maybe we’ll think of another animal that Natalie might hate and prove that wrong as well!!! who knows what PORTMANIA my bring!