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it’s Day 3 of PORTMANIA! AND Ana shows up! she made the GIF. and now this PORTMANIA has officially started.

today we’ll all laugh and learn about the movie GOYA’S GHOSTS!


but BEFORE THAT you have to click MORE.

HAHAHA. there’s nothing else!


Goya’s Ghosts is the next movie with Natalie Portman that I haven’t seen. It came out in 2006. Natalie plays two characters named Inés and Alicia. it was also poorly reviewed like Free Zone. and I don’t think it’s about ghosts at all. maybe that’s why this movie didn’t do too well? everyone was really excited about a ghost movie and it was just about a painter I saw the Ghost Whisperer was on the tv earlier today. Jennifer Love Hewitt. while I was watching it I realized that I can’t take ghosts seriously.

Looks FUN!!!

now it’s time for a Natalie Portman FACT! (Warning! Natalie FACTS are stupid and useless)

NATALIE FACT! there was one day when Natalie ate a whole package of crackers and never had to drink water or anything to wash it down. this is probably the most amazing feat any one person has ever accomplished. he American Indian name is Crackers Without Water.


if you Google “Natalie Portman Crackers” this picture shows up


and there’s also this Urban Dictionary definition:

cracker crazy

When a White person goes ballistic on somebody’s ass.

Can also be used to describe a red neck knife fight.

Person 1: Did you like Black Swan?
Person 2: NO! Natalie Portman went cracker crazy on herself!!!!

well. that’s it for Today’s PORTMANIA! BUT don’t worry! it’s not over yet there’s still 4 days left!!! we’ll have another post tomorrow!