Hi guys

With Nat hiding out in whatever country she is in, things are very quiet. Blueberry blew in and out of Cannes with a chorus of shrugs. Paris Je T’aime chugs along at the Box Office. Free Zone finally gets a DVD release in the States tomorrow. And Jason found this delusional quote from Lindsay Lohan.

With not much going on, I’d like to draw your attention to a few forum threads. Help us help you.

1) Omar has set up a TV thread where people can easily announce when a Nat movie or appearance will be upcoming in their country. At the moment we mainly cover USA but I’d like that to change.

2) Brishen has a Banner thread where you can suggest certain photo sets or themes to be used in new site banners. If you think there is something which simply has to be at the top of our site, let us know.

3) Our quotes page is incredibly out of date and, honestly, a bit of an embarrassment. We’d like your help in finding the very best and most interesting Natalie quotes. If you have some ideas, check out this thread.

Finally, Richard sent in a really nice Nat drawing.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with some a new poll and Mathilda news is on the horizon.