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I got a lousy haircut today. Why can they never understand “just a bit of a trim”? Everytime this happens I plan how to make myself even clearer next time but when the next time comes around and I am even clearer they still screw it up.


So moving along…

The editorial has been updated with the first batch of From the Inbox emails. Keep them coming!

Melody has updated the Magazine page with several new galleries.

Cal sent in a link to the sony site which has listing of screenings for Closer in different cities, including London.

The Indiana Jones rumour seems to be resurfacing again. Head over here to read about it. Thanks to Greg J and Stacy.

We mentioned this a few days back, but Mart managed to get the audio of Natalie talking to Jo Wiley’s BBC 1 radio. It’s a 5 minute clip that you need realplayer for.

Don’t forget that Natalie will make an appearance on E!’s Behind the Scenes show tonight. Check the tv section for more info.

Mark sends word that fametracker have updated their fame audit for Natalie. Check it out.

Now a couple Closer links…

– I’m not going to post every review that hits the net anymore. I might post one or two that I really like but you guys can keep an eye on the reviews by checking out Metacritic (72% average) and Rotten Tomatoes (a disappointing 52% average, but there are a lot of reviews to come).

– I think we’ll be hard pressed to find a funnier review than this one. Thanks to Amidoll.

– The Closer author speaks! Careful of spoilers though.

– Sonoyta found this closer look at the characters.

– Flipp managed to report on Howard Stern’s insightful comments about Closer.

she was talking about the research on stripping and he’s all “could there be a more sexless person to play a stripper?” then they riffed on her praising julia roberts “she’s absolutely perfect, down to her labia” and jude law “jude sounds like jew but he’s actually very generous” before going back to natalie being “flat as a board.” that’s when gary came in to say he’d seen the topless photos and said “yeah, she has a little something going on… even tho she was like 16 then”

And finally, just one piece of fanart today…but it’s a cracker. Check out Azumi’s Professional poster.

Closer opens tomorrow…you lucky yanks.