Nat in Detroit, Nat and Gael split, New pic poll


So Natalie did attend the Michigan screening of Garden State on saturday. Sanjiro was going to go but didn’t because they apparently told him it was formal and all Sanjiro has is jeans. Except, there were tons of people there wearing jeans. But none of them was named Sanjiro.

It’s like a freaking mastercard ad. “Not seeing your idol because of a misunderstanding? Priceless!”

Anyway, Bryan did make the trip and I’ve posted his two reports. Click here and here. Just one correction from Bryan: “The producer from Michigan is Gary Gilbert (not Gilmer as I previously reported)”

The new Battle of the Nat Pics is up. As always, check the playoff tree to see how made it through from the last batch. There were a couple matchups that were DAMN close.

Northernboy was kind enough to encode the newest Sesame Street appearance and we’ve got the clips to download here. Each clip is a bit under 5mb.


Her voice is incredibly messed up, except when she sings, which was obviously recorded at a later date when her voice was better.

And finally, She Says sent this link, which quite clearly states that Natalie and Gael have broken up. That would seem very conclusive except I also got this from Sara…

By the way The things that Gael says abaout dating other girls and stuff like that, isn`t true… He just likes to wind up people… he just doesn`t like the press to get involve with his personal life, I know this because one of my friends worked with him once on a mexican movie call… amores perros.. so he told him all that. He is just bad with them. oh and he is verry intrigued about the end of the world….My friend and him spend hours talking about that. lol!

So if it was Gael who said they’ve broken up…can you really believe him?

That’s it for now, seeya.