Go Kerry, it’s your birthday

Hey all

Got a nice diverse update to round off the week.

First up, Titooy found a pic of Natalie at a Kerry function. I guess now we know what she’d look like if she married a president or became one. Ugh.

Ekyillia found a new picture of Natalie from True. It’s small but damn, she looks gorgeous.

Natalie performed at an AIDS benefit in Cannes (so much for Natalie not being there, eh?) with the likes of Liza Minelli and Sheryl Crow. Over 1.8 million dollars was raised for AIDS research. Awesome. Click here to read more. Thanks to Zitanitsa.


Turns out there’s a lot of confusion about this event. This report says Natalie attended but didn’t partake in the entertainment. And this report says that Natalie Cole performed…reminds me of the game broken telephone.

Chris and the updater formerly known as Batman, sent me this MSNBC article that lays the smack down on Star Wars and everything associated with it, including Nat. It’s a fun read though.

Speaking of Nat hating, apparently Howard Stern said, “Oh wow, just one day he wants to give attention to his parents instead of you (Natalie). Yeah she looks like she wants all the attention.”, about the rumoured Gael breakup.

That’s it for now.

Hope you all have a crappy weekend to make me feel better about mine.