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It’s a very busy day on today so let’s get straight into it.

Nat was snapped walking in NY, looking absolutely badass. Click the pic below for more.

Thanks to Meiga.

There are two brand new pics from EP3, courtesy of SW Insider.

The first is awesome.

The second is disturbing.

Thanks to Ani, Amidoll and Luis.

There was a cool clip of Natalie in Uganda on Entertainment Now. Unforunately we haven’t got it up on the server yet, but we will have it later. 2MuchTime captured the clip so props to him. To tide you over, Janus has made some caps. Click here and here.

The smoking issue is still a hot topic and we’ve added a bunch of your emails about it to the Editorial. Click here to check them out.

Speaking of which, we now have much bigger and clearer versions of the infamous smoking pics. Click here and here.

And from the same event, Nat’s taking her cellphone obsession to new highs/lows.

Yangge brought this picture to my attention. Yet another Nat-Audrey comparison?

You might wanna sit down for this one. A few days ago I got an email just saying “Nat and Gael are living together”. Well this spanish board seems to confirm that claim. On it they talk about an interview with Gael’s dad. And apparently he said that Gael has been living with Nat for 7 months, they’ve been dating for almost a year and a half, it’s the longest relationship Gael has ever had, he’s in love, and someday they might decide to have a baby.

*sound of a million male nat fans killing themselves*

Amidoll found out about a mockumentary film called “Fandom”, which is about a guy’s obsession with Natalie. It won the grand prize at the DIY Festival and here’s a little explanation.

“Fandom” depicts the passionate celebrity worship of Gordon Coleman, a nerdish yarn shop worker who sets out to meet the celebrity of his dreams. The examination of his Portman-fueled lifestyle is hilarious, at times heartbreaking and always disturbing as the film crew follows him to an attempted meet-up with his idol.

Sounds a helluva lot like a doccie about a guy wanting to go on a date with Drew Barrymore, that’s also apparently damn good. For more on Fandom, click here and scroll down.

Cal has some great news for people in and around Michigan. Nat and Zach will be attending a special screening of Garden State on the 15th. Click here for all the details.

Barry managed to get a scan of the Daily Mirror article dissing Nat’s earrings. To be fair, all the earrings featured are shockingly bad.

The last bit of news is either cool or freaky depending on what blows your hair back. Crewwwjones sent me a link to where you can buy a cast of Natalie’s face, that was taken for Star Wars.


And finally, Jen with 3 lovely wallpapers.

Now that’s an update!

Be sure to check back later for the next round of the pic battle and the Uganda clip.