Stop it!

Whoever is trying to create a mirror of the site – stop it! It’s very flattering, but when I check the statistics and it shows 207 gigs in just 11 hours I get pissed! Not only does the server get overloaded but our limit of 2 terabytes / month, which is the most generous offer out there, is threatened. And if we are going close I will have to take the site down! The penalty for exceeding it is too great ($5 per gig).

So please – stop it!

The next question is… this entire site is “only” 10 gigs, so someone or somebody downloaded it 20 times in 11 hours?! I know the apache weblogs aren’t 100% accurate since they include aborted downloads etc., but still, this is just too much!!

And remember – don’t drive close to the edge! I did and got a puncture!