Lots of new old pics


I figured it was time to update the poll so here are the results from the last one:

Which of Natalie’s scandals have shocked you the most?

The smoke. 47.9% (422 votes)

The St. Barts topless pics. 15.55% (137 votes)

Dating Gael. 13.62% (120 votes)

The butt scratching incident in Beverly Hills. 9.08% (80 votes)

Star Wars. 6.58% (58 votes)

The Mathilda redux haircut. 6.02% (53 votes)

I expected that result but thought the St. Barts boobage would have been a lot closer.

And here is the new poll.

As I said in the title, there are lots of new old pics. Thanks to Ekyillia, Pasha and np.de.

Nat looking VERY comfortable with Hayden
And another
Nat looking VERY comfortable with Lukas Haas
And another
Nat looking VERY comfotable with John Mayer
And finally, Nat looking VERY comfortable with herself

Thanks to Mart for adding the two songs from Natalie’s recent Sesame Street appearance to the Audio archive. You can download the songs (no visuals) here:
You can do it!
Things change!

Songs to live by.

James sent this scan from the UK Playstation 2 Magazine, which features natalieportman.com in their “cool websites to visit” section. I think we’re almost more famous than Natalie. Next month the site is going to be caught naked in St. Barts and then we’ll almost certainly take pole position.

And finally, some nice artwork from Michael. Click here and here.

And that, as the snail says just before he gets stomped on, is that.