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The first item is a little bit different. It’s very hard to judge the situation based on the info provided but rather safe than sorry, eh? I’ve removed a few details from the article because I don’t think it belongs on this site. Thanks to Just-Checkin’-In and Smnta.

DON’T hang around near Natalie Portman’s summer hideaway in L.I., if you know what’s good for you.

Last Saturday, someone inside Portman’s pad called 911 to report a suspicious person, the latest of several calls summoning police to the house, according to a neighbor. Two cop cars showed up to interrogate the man who’d been sitting on a curb, reading a book and drinking a cup of tea.

But the suspected “stalker” turned out to be 21-year-old Antwone ? a French-born college student staying with his girlfriend’s family down the street. Antwone had never even heard of the 23-year-old “Star Wars” actress.

“The police officers were laughing about it,” said Daniel, whose parents own the house where Antwone was staying. “They said, ‘This is the third or fourth time she’s done this.’ Every time someone comes near her house, she thinks they’re stalking her. It’s a little strange.”

Haim, formerly a lieutenant in the fire department, added, “[Antwone] didn’t even know who she was. He was sitting on curb overlooking the beach reading a book . . . I guess she’s above calling to apologize.”

Portman’s lawyer, Marty Singer, confirmed that Portman’s mother, Shelly, called 911 on Saturday. But he would not comment when we asked him about earlier calls to the tiny town’s police force, other than to say, “Natalie has never called the police. She didn’t know anything about it. There was a young person sitting near their property for a very long period of time. Her mother called 911. She never used the word, ‘stalker.’ ”

But LeGarde remembers the incident differently: “I was sitting on the sidewalk, reading ‘The Alchemist,’ and apparently it was near the corner of her house. The police show up and they asked me for my ID and ran a check in their car. I asked, ‘Is it a crime to read a book now?’

“And one of the officers said, ‘Natalie Portman called because she was afraid you were a stalker.’ The name didn’t register with me. Then they went to my girlfriend’s parents house and interviewed them about me, to see if I was telling the truth. I found it a little excessive, but I guess it’s a good story to tell my friends.”

A spokeswoman for the County Police Dept. declined to comment about any 911 calls emanating from Portman’s pad.

The name didn’t register with him? Yeah right.

On to some brighter news, here is another AICN review of Garden State. Once again Natalie gets praise:

Between this film and Mike Nichols’ upcoming Closer, I believe this is Portman’s semi-comeback time; the best performance I’ve seen of her since, well, The Professional, her powerful screen debut a decade ago. (Now if I can only erase memories of her wooden turns in Anywhere But Here and the Star Wars prequels out of my mind…)

Wooden in ABH? Her Golden Globe nominated performance? Idiot.

Cal found another review that couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

So balanced is the ensemble that rarely does one actor steal scenes from the others. Rarely, that is, except for Natalie Portman. My God, is this woman talented. With wild charisma, infectious charm, and throat-lumping vulnerability, Portman is simply spellbinding. As a director, Braff has pulled out her most stunning performance since Ted Demme?s 1996 Beautiful Girls. But one senses from Portman?s complete ease and abandon that all Braff had to do was let her go and do her thing. More directors (George Lucas) should do likewise and let the world see the breadth of this woman?s seemingly limitless abilities.

Also, Cal found the new official Garden State site, which is quite cool but some more content would be nice.

And finally, Jedi Knight sent in 5 quality caps from Cold Mountain. I’m only putting up 2 because 4 of them are variations on this picture. All the girls currently reading the site, feel free to roll your eyes. And the other picture is here.

Have a good day. And DON’T stalk nat!